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Half Rimless Eyeglasses

Half-Rimless Glasses for Men and Women

Semi-rimless eyeglass frames create a minimalistic look that looks great on just about everyone. Semi-rimless glasses frames surround only a portion of the glasses lenses. These glasses can typically be identified by the metal frame around the top of the lenses while the bottom is bare. This type of frame is classy and refined but goes a step further to show off a unique style. Compared to a full-frame, the semi-rimless glasses reveal a little bit more of your face, so your look will be less obstructed. Semi-rimless eyeglasses have great resilience due to the protective frame at the top. They are also lightweight, so you won’t feel weighed down.

With such a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, you'll have your pick of semi-rimless eyeglasses. Our selection includes frames from Brands. With such a big selection, you'll be able to have a frame for every occasion. The semi-rimless frames are a good fit for someone looking for distinct frames. There are many styles that range from geek-chic to classic. We are confident you'll find the perfect pair of half-rimless glasses.

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