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Want an intellectual and sophisticated look? Go for a pair of rimless eyeglasses. With the arms and nose-mounted directly into the lenses of the eyeglasses, you won’t have to worry about rimless glasses blocking your face as much as other frames will. They are designed to be nearly invisible so they'll have little impact on how you look. Rimless eyeglasses are best suited for people who would rather not draw attention and are not as concerned with accessorizing their look. Rimless glasses were originally popular in the 1880s as a way to combat the burden of heavy metal frames, and have remained popular ever since. Designed to make you look as though you're hardly wearing glasses, you'll allow your personality and other accessories to really come through.

We have a large variety of designer rimless eyeglasses frames. This guarantees you'll have the perfect pair of rimless frames for every occasion. These frames vary from an understated look with sleek, simple arms to a modern look with thick arms. No matter which frames you prefer, we're confident you will find the perfect pair of rimless glasses frames from our collection.

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