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Fashion Titanium Eyeglass Frames for Men and Women

Titanium eyeglass frames are wildly popular these days, and Prescriptionglasses123.com has over a hundred unique styles to choose from! Titanium combines incredible strength with lightweight performance. Titanium eyeglass frames can be thinner, lighter, and more flexible than steel or aluminum, yet titanium is among the strongest materials on the market today.

Choose from among a vast selection of titanium glasses at Prescriptionglasses123.com - from contemporary rimless designs to half frame, full-frame, and sporty designs. Our titanium rimless and half-frame designs are perfect if you're looking for a contemporary look and minimal weight. If you wear your glasses all day long it is important to seek out comfortable frames - and titanium absolutely delivers on the promise of comfort! Lightweight, long-lasting, and flexible enough to absorb the bumps and bruises that all eyeglass frames must endure, titanium glasses are perfect if you're always on the go.

At Prescriptionglasses123.com, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with "mall optical store" sticker shock. Eyeglasses can be incredibly expensive if you only deal with retail stores or Optometrist offices! Knowing this, we founded our company on the notion that glasses shouldn't be so damaging to the wallet. Many of our eyeglass frames - including our elegant and durable titanium models, are priced at or around $35. Some of our eyeglass frames for women start at less than $7 - priced low enough to enable you to own several pairs!

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